4GB RAM Memory for Packard Bell iXtreme I6525UK



I remember the previous week. I found 4GB RAM Memory for Packard Bell iXtreme I6525UK sale at amazon.co.uk



Product Description

4GB RAM Memory for Pacard Bell iXtreme I6525UK (DDR3-10600 – Non-ECC) – Destop Memory UpgradeOFFTEK Part Number :- FT512MLK64V3NCapacity :- 4GB ModuleForm Factor :- 240 Pin DimmMemory Type :- DDR3Bandwidth :- DDR3-10600 (PC3-1333)Memory Specs :- 240 Pin 1.5v DDR3 PC3-10664 Non-ECC DimmPremier Brand MemoryWe only use branded memory modules from leading manufacturers which includes but is not limited to :- Samsung, .. Read More or Full Review



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